.ARCHI: by architects, for architects!

Operated with the support of the UIA (International Union of Architects), .ARCHI is the exclusive Internet space for the global community of architects. 

A .ARCHI domain name works like any other Internet suffix and can be used for email or websites. But there is a major difference. .ARCHI is the only Internet address with the power to tell your network and your contacts that you are a recognised architect.

.ARCHI is exclusively reserved for the community of professional architects and their organisations. And with so many great names to choose from, .ARCHI is the best place to boost your business or practice.

Take the architect Joe Blogs, from JB Architects, as an example. Possible .ARCHI options include:

  • www.JBA.archi
  • www.JBAarchitects.archi
  • www.JoeBlogs.archi
  • www.Joe.archi or www.Blogs.archi

With .ARCHI, be part of the global architecture community online!

Make the most of your new .ARCHI domain name with www.Register.Archi!

Your .ARCHI domain name is your website's new address!

Link your new .ARCHI web address to your website. Our dedicated domain name management tool makes it easy. There are several options, from a standard redirect to DNS server configurations. Don't worry if you're not familiar with the technical language, if you need our support we'll be glad to help. And these options come at no extra cost.

Use your .ARCHI domain name for your new email address!

Be identified as an architect by anyone you send an email to! Your email service provider will help you use your new .ARCHI domain name in addresses such as joe@blogs.archi.